Kingston DT109 8GB incelemesi

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Refreshing devices.
ERROR: Problems with detecting some devices.
Refreshing devices. [Done]
Starting benchmark.
Bechmarking G:(0060E049DF71EBB0B0000D04)
Started at 9.6.2013 13:41:03
Filename: G:\test.tmp
Starting large file benchmark. With 100MB file.
16384k:6 Write Speed:6,67MB/s
16384k:6 Write Speed:4,57MB/s
16384k:6 Write Speed:7,19MB/s
16384k:6 Average Write Speed:5,90MB/s
16384k:6 Read Speed:17,99MB/s
16384k:6 Read Speed:18,02MB/s
16384k:6 Read Speed:18,02MB/s
16384k:6 Average Read Speed:18,01MB/s
8192k:12 Write Speed:5,63MB/s
8192k:12 Write Speed:7,69MB/s
8192k:12 Write Speed:6,69MB/s
8192k:12 Average Write Speed:6,57MB/s
8192k:12 Read Speed:18,00MB/s
8192k:12 Read Speed:18,05MB/s
8192k:12 Read Speed:18,05MB/s
8192k:12 Average Read Speed:18,03MB/s
4096k:25 Write Speed:8,02MB/s
4096k:25 Write Speed:8,39MB/s
4096k:25 Write Speed:7,65MB/s
4096k:25 Average Write Speed:8,01MB/s
4096k:25 Read Speed:17,97MB/s
4096k:25 Read Speed:18,04MB/s
4096k:25 Read Speed:18,04MB/s
4096k:25 Average Read Speed:18,02MB/s
2048k:50 Write Speed:8,01MB/s
2048k:50 Write Speed:8,25MB/s
2048k:50 Write Speed:7,99MB/s
2048k:50 Average Write Speed:8,08MB/s
2048k:50 Read Speed:18,04MB/s
2048k:50 Read Speed:18,09MB/s
2048k:50 Read Speed:18,07MB/s
2048k:50 Average Read Speed:18,07MB/s
1024k:100 Write Speed:7,98MB/s
1024k:100 Write Speed:7,71MB/s
1024k:100 Write Speed:8,17MB/s
1024k:100 Average Write Speed:7,95MB/s
1024k:100 Read Speed:17,98MB/s
1024k:100 Read Speed:18,02MB/s
1024k:100 Read Speed:18,04MB/s
1024k:100 Average Read Speed:18,01MB/s
512k:200 Write Speed:7,60MB/s
512k:200 Write Speed:7,82MB/s
512k:200 Write Speed:7,61MB/s
512k:200 Average Write Speed:7,67MB/s
512k:200 Read Speed:18,03MB/s
512k:200 Read Speed:18,10MB/s
512k:200 Read Speed:18,09MB/s
512k:200 Average Read Speed:18,07MB/s
Deleting file.
Starting small file benchmark. With 10MB file.
256k:40 Write Speed:2,27MB/s
256k:40 Write Speed:11,61MB/s
256k:40 Write Speed:11,45MB/s
256k:40 Average Write Speed:4,89MB/s
256k:40 Read Speed:18,25MB/s
256k:40 Read Speed:18,19MB/s
256k:40 Read Speed:17,81MB/s
256k:40 Average Read Speed:18,08MB/s
128k:80 Write Speed:7,86MB/s
128k:80 Write Speed:10,25MB/s
128k:80 Write Speed:10,38MB/s
128k:80 Average Write Speed:9,34MB/s
128k:80 Read Speed:18,15MB/s
128k:80 Read Speed:18,29MB/s
128k:80 Read Speed:17,85MB/s
128k:80 Average Read Speed:18,10MB/s
64k:160 Write Speed:6,76MB/s
64k:160 Write Speed:6,79MB/s
64k:160 Write Speed:8,50MB/s
64k:160 Average Write Speed:7,27MB/s
64k:160 Read Speed:18,15MB/s
64k:160 Read Speed:18,28MB/s
64k:160 Read Speed:17,86MB/s
64k:160 Average Read Speed:18,10MB/s
32k:320 Write Speed:3,89MB/s
32k:320 Write Speed:4,98MB/s
32k:320 Write Speed:4,35MB/s
32k:320 Average Write Speed:4,36MB/s
32k:320 Read Speed:15,87MB/s
32k:320 Read Speed:16,27MB/s
32k:320 Read Speed:16,33MB/s
32k:320 Average Read Speed:16,15MB/s
Deleting file.
Starting tiny file benchmark. With 1MB file.
16k:320 Write Speed:1,92MB/s
16k:320 Write Speed:1,92MB/s
16k:320 Write Speed:1,54MB/s
16k:320 Average Write Speed:1,78MB/s
16k:320 Read Speed:10,57MB/s
16k:320 Read Speed:10,35MB/s
16k:320 Read Speed:11,05MB/s
16k:320 Average Read Speed:10,65MB/s
8k:640 Write Speed:1,01MB/s
8k:640 Write Speed:0,89MB/s
8k:640 Write Speed:0,90MB/s
8k:640 Average Write Speed:0,93MB/s
8k:640 Read Speed:6,86MB/s
8k:640 Read Speed:7,15MB/s
8k:640 Read Speed:7,04MB/s
8k:640 Average Read Speed:7,02MB/s
4k:1280 Write Speed:0,48MB/s
4k:1280 Write Speed:0,50MB/s
4k:1280 Write Speed:0,44MB/s
4k:1280 Average Write Speed:0,47MB/s
4k:1280 Read Speed:4,51MB/s
4k:1280 Read Speed:4,47MB/s
4k:1280 Read Speed:4,54MB/s
4k:1280 Average Read Speed:4,51MB/s
2k:2560 Write Speed:0,25MB/s
2k:2560 Write Speed:0,25MB/s
2k:2560 Write Speed:0,25MB/s
2k:2560 Average Write Speed:0,25MB/s
2k:2560 Read Speed:2,26MB/s
2k:2560 Read Speed:2,28MB/s
2k:2560 Read Speed:2,28MB/s
2k:2560 Average Read Speed:2,27MB/s
1k:5120 Write Speed:0,13MB/s
1k:5120 Write Speed:0,13MB/s
1k:5120 Write Speed:0,13MB/s
1k:5120 Average Write Speed:0,13MB/s
1k:5120 Read Speed:1,31MB/s
1k:5120 Read Speed:1,32MB/s
1k:5120 Read Speed:1,32MB/s
1k:5120 Average Read Speed:1,32MB/s
Deleting file.
Benchmark done.
Ended at 9.6.2013 13:51:47
Submiting report.
Submiting report. [Done]