Logitech Unifying

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If you have the device paired to a unifying receiver and then you want to revert back to a nano receiver, please do the following steps:


1) If haven't installed setpoint, please do


2) Go to Start


3) Go toAll Programs


4) Scroll down until come to Logitech


5) In the Logitech folder go to Unifying


6) Then go to Logitech Unifying Software


7) Click on Advanced. Then you should see the following screen




8) Find your mouse and Un-Pair


9) After unpairing, take out the unifying receiver and plug in the nano receiver


10) Run the connection utility ( http://www.logitech.com/en-us/447/3516?wt.mc_id=usym_redirect_/connect_utility ) and follow the instructions.

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